2023 Budget Guidelines

The Board of Education is committed to developing a budget that:

  • Supports the district vision focused on high student academic achievement, social and emotional learning, and access to highquality student centered learning experiences for all students;

  • Encourages exploration of innovative teaching strategies and learning opportunities for students; 

  • Supports high quality professional development opportunities for staff to encourage continual growth and learning aligned to the district vision;

  • Supports programs and initiatives aligned to Westbrook Portrait of a Graduate*;

  • Supports a vibrant, engaging and active school community that offers a wide range of  opportunities and experiences in the arts, music, STEM, robotics, humanities, extracurricular clubs, activities, and athletics; and enhanced advance course offerings;

  • Upgrades, preserves, and maintains schools and grounds to ensure safety and promote an engaging, innovative, and positive environment; and

  • Provides district resources to support technology - updated equipment and instructional integration to support student learning.

Westbrook Portrait of a Graduate

Critical Problem-Solver

A Westbrook graduate who is a critical problem-solver systematically and strategically resolves a variety of complex issues. 


Creative Thinker

A Westbrook graduate who is a creative thinker explores existing ideas, products, or designs to innovate and create in imaginative or novel ways.


Effective Communicator

A Westbrook graduate who is an effective communicator conveys a clear message while being respectful, receptive, and responsive to the input of others. 



A Westbrook graduate who is perseverant holds oneself responsible to reflect, revise, and grow through critical feedback and setbacks regardless of the challenges encountered.


Socially Aware

A Westbrook graduate who is socially aware recognizes and understands the feelings of diverse individuals and groups with the ability to show compassion when considering norms for behaviors in a variety of settings. 


Responsible Decision Maker

A Westbrook graduate who is a responsible decision maker demonstrates awareness of self and others as one considers responsible choices and consequences while making decisions to benefit self and community.