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  • Westbrook High School Quarter 4 Honor Roll

    Grade 12

    Ryan Allgaier High Honors
    Livian Brito High Honors
    Michael Cox High Honors
    Nicholas Freeman High Honors
    Elizabeth Gallagher High Honors
    Colin Heilmann High Honors
    Alexa Malazzi High Honors
    Kiley McCarthy High Honors
    Jesse McGannon High Honors
    Devin Mulvihill High Honors
    Brooke Neri High Honors
    Derek Novajosky High Honors
    Daniel Ruppenicker High Honors
    Mary Santos High Honors
    Hannah Schilling High Honors
    Cole Strzelecki High Honors
    Catherine Tempesta High Honors
    Luca Troop High Honors
    Zachary Zanzalari High Honors
    Gianni Adorno Honors
    Cierra Brundage Honors
    Emely Chiriap Honors
    Isabelle Esposito Honors
    Megan Greaves Honors
    Jack Naccarato Honors
    Cameron Neely Honors
    Nicholas Palumbo Honors
    Emma Parkhurst Honors
    Gareth Whitehouse Honors
    Zachary True Honors


    Grade 11

    Julia Farnoli High Honors
    Samuel Freeman High Honors
    Gianni Salisbury High Honors
    Alexandra Zanzalari High Honors
    Henry Anderson Honors
    Marlee Archer Honors
    Ezra Berg Honors
    Jacob Berg Honors
    Joseph Caslin Honors
    Gabrielle Cordon Honors
    Emma Demers Honors
    Jonah Freund Honors
    Matthew Harrington Honors
    Trevor Hendrixson Honors
    Jeremy Keeler Honors
    Gabriella Koplas Honors
    Mackenzie Marshall Honors
    Riley Metcalfe Honors
    Niraj Odedra Honors
    Richard Potvin Honors
    Jami Sacco Honors
    Thomas Stowik Honors
    Benjamin Wallace Honors


    Grade 10

    Faizah Ahamed High Honors
    Emma Baxter High Honors
    Delaney Belcourt High Honors
    Mike Caguana High Honors
    Mayte Calle Churai High Honors
    Ava Ciarcia High Honors
    Sofia Ferrucci High Honors
    Margaret Izzo High Honors
    Kyle Malazzi High Honors
    Lydia Marvin High Honors
    Vincent Naccarato High Honors
    Myan Nguyen High Honors
    Jacob Perreault High Honors
    Halley Pierson High Honors
    Tyler Prisley High Honors
    Andrew Scotella High Honors
    James Scotella High Honors
    Michael Sharpe High Honors
    Gabriela Spash High Honors
    Adriana Stranieri High Honors
    Mackenzie TRUE High Honors
    Enzo Adorno Honors
    Caroline Benzi Honors
    Allison Brajczewski Honors
    Jonathan Brajczewski Honors
    Michela Cieri Honors
    Giovanna De Souza Santos Honors
    Erik DeSousa Honors
    Ryan Engels Honors
    Hever Gomez Honors
    John Grace Honors
    Lisa Litevich Honors
    Brandon Naccarato Honors
    Samantha Sharpe Honors
    Carley Thompson Honors
    Michael Valiante Honors
    Michael von Ehr Honors
    Shaun Weeks Honors


    Grade 9

    Cadance Acabbo High Honors
    Emma Bransfield High Honors
    Jerli Espinoza High Honors
    Jack Ford High Honors
    Hannah Freund High Honors
    Emily Gomez-Salguero High Honors
    Norah Hayden High Honors
    Elliot Koplas High Honors
    Catalina Martinez Mora High Honors
    Julie Norton High Honors
    Olivia Palumbo High Honors
    Leticia Pires High Honors
    Kayla Prisley High Honors
    Piper Selmont High Honors
    Kevin Villeda Garcia High Honors
    Gabrielle Walker High Honors
    Muhammad Zaheer High Honors
    Jonathan Bermeo Molina Honors
    Abby Demers Honors
    John Freund Honors
    Derick Novillo Honors
    Dev Patel Honors
    Riley Pluck Honors
    Carlos Solis Honors
    Westbrook High School
  • New Student Software Approval

    CodeHS has been approved for use in the classroom.  For the most up-to-date list of available software, visit in a new browser tab.

  • Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

    Dear Westbrook School Community,

    We have drafted a document for the 2021-2022 School Year entitled "Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan" to begin planning for the new school year and as a requirement for the American Rescue Plan ESSER Grant funding. We invite and encourage you to offer feedback and suggestions as we revise this document in the weeks ahead and as new information becomes available from the Center of Disease Prevention and Connecticut Department of Public Health. To provide feedback, please follow this link to a brief survey.

    On Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Westbrook Board of Education meeting there will be an opportunity for public comment to provide feedback at that time as well.  

    The draft plan is attached to this email and pasted below.

    As always, thank you for your time, insights, and partnership.

    Kristina J.  Martineau, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Westbrook Public Schools



    Westbrook Public Schools

    Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

    2021-2022 School Year

    DRAFT June 4, 2021

    Feedback and Input via School Community Survey on 6/4/2021

    And Public Comment Opportunity on 6/8/2021 during BOE Regular Meeting

    Section I. Health and Safety Strategies

    Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks

    As of May 15, 2021, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend preventive, mitigation strategies to support safe in-person teaching and learning in schools.  The universal and correct wearing of masks is a critical component of a layered, mitigation strategy to keep schools open and in-person as safely as possible.  The schools will continue to enforce indoor mask requirements and provide disposable masks when needed for students, staff, and visitors.

    Indoors: All students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear face coverings inside all school buildings and on school buses per CDC guidelines and BOE policy for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    Outdoors: At this time, all students and staff will be required to wear face coverings outdoors during large events if social distancing is not possible or if the event requires participants to be stationary for extended periods of time. Under certain circumstances per CT Department of Health, students and staff may remove masks during recess, gym, and outdoor activities that include movement and when other mitigation strategies are in place.

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to follow the latest CDC guidelines and CT Department of Health as it relates to universal and correct wearing of masks and periodically update this plan to reflect most recent guidance.

    Westbrook Public Schools has adopted a policy requiring the use of face coverings for all students and staff when they are inside the school building, with certain exceptions listed below.

    • For anyone who has trouble breathing, or anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance, face coverings and masks should not be required, per CDC guidance.

    • For anyone who has a medical reason making it unsafe to wear a face covering, masks should not be required.  These instances are highly unusual.  A doctor’s note and review by the school medical advisor will be required.

    Westbrook Public Schools will:

    • Request a medical note from a provider for students and staff who have a medical reason making it unsafe to wear a face covering. Review with the school medical advisor.

    • Provide a mask for any student or staff member who does not have one on any given day. 

    • Teach and reinforce the use of face coverings, avoid touching the face, and washing of hands for students and staff.

    • Set clear guidelines regarding limited exceptions to the use of face coverings when other mitigating practices are in place and mask breaks throughout the day by taking students outside, at lunch, or at recess.

    • Educate staff when face shields may be appropriate and should be worn for additional protection. 

    • Educate staff regarding the appropriate use of clear masks.

    Physical Distancing

    Current CDC and CT DPH guidance on social distancing remains the same for schools and unvaccinated individuals. Many of our students are not currently eligible for vaccination. At this time, we plan to continue to implement recommended social distancing practices inside all school buildings and on school transportation.

    Westbrook Public Schools will:

    • Assist staff and students to maintain maximum social distancing between individuals to reduce the transmission of the virus per the public health guidelines at that time.

    • Provide face shields for staff who work with students who may require closer proximity or direct contact. 

    • Communicate and educate students, staff, and families regarding social distancing requirements and best practices.

    Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette

    Handwashing and respiratory etiquette is another element of a layered mitigation strategy for schools to remain safe, healthy, open, and in-person for the 2021-2022 school year.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends handwashing techniques that include 20 seconds of washing with soap and water. If water and soap is unavailable, 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer is recommended.

     CDC’s Recommended 6-Step Process for Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette:

    Westbrook Public Schools will: 

    • Expect students and staff to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry of the building or classroom and throughout the day.

    • Teach and reinforce hand-washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

    • Put systems in place to communicate the most up-to-date policies and protocols related to the considerations herein, for staff, students, and families. This information will be shared by principals in messages to families and on the district website. 

    • Make plans available in relevant languages of families in the community, as well as accessible to those with visual and /or hearing impairments.


    Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Facilities

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to follow the most updated cleaning protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Connecticut Department of Health.


    Current guidelines and recommended practices for Westbrook Public Schools:

    • Clean high touch surfaces and objects

    • Regularly clean surfaces (at least once per day)

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to train all custodial staff and employees on the latest cleaning protocols as a critical component of a layered mitigation strategy plan to keep students and staff safe and healthy during this pandemic.

    Ventilation systems- requirements and protocols- will remain in effect and in compliance with the most current CDC and CT DPH guidance. 

    Contact Tracing, Isolation, and Quarantine Procedures

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to follow the guidelines outlined in  Addendum 9 to Adapt, Advance, and Achieve document for the 2021-2022 school year. As additional guidance becomes available, Westbrook Public Schools will update our district plan.

    Under current state guidelines for schools, Westbrook Public Schools will follow recommended contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine procedures as described below:


    Diagnostic Screening and Testing

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to follow CDC and CT DPH guidance regarding diagnostic screening and testing recommendations, including partnering with local health departments to increase access to the most updated information regarding screening and testing locations.

    At this time, Westbrook Public Schools does not plan to test students and staff onsite.

    Covid-19 Vaccinations- Eligibility and Access

    Westbrook Public Schools will continue to partner with the Westbrook Health Department and CT River Area Health District to communicate the most updated information regarding vaccination sites, student eligibility, and access as it becomes available.

    Accommodations for Children with Disabilities (Health and Safety)

    Children with disabilities, whether on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 plan, are expected to comply with all district health and safety protocols.  Individualized accommodations can be provided through a PPT or 504 meeting based on individual student medical and/or social/emotional/behavioral needs by team recommendation.  A plan will be developed and communicated to appropriate staff members implementing services for that student.  Teams will reconvene as needed to review progress and revise plans if necessary.

    Section II. Continuity of Services 

    For the summer and next school year 2021-2022, Westbrook Public Schools must ensure that students with specialized needs, i.e., IEP, 504 or English Learner (EL) plans, have access to the general education activities available to all students.  Additionally, some students with specialized needs may require recovery services.  We are cognizant of the potential disproportionate effect the Covid-19 pandemic may have had on certain student subgroups, in particular, the groups mentioned above.  The primary focus of Westbrook Public Schools will be seeking authentic engagement of families and students to address students’ current needs by reviewing data, updating present levels of performance, examining student progress toward annual goals and short-term objectives, and reviewing, revising, and/or temporarily increasing the intensity of specialized services, including related services, as needed.  

    Educational recovery is academic and related services provided to a student to remediate lack of expected progress and/or regression of skills as a result of delayed, interrupted, suspended, or inaccessible services caused by the pandemic.  Educational recovery is not intended as a minute for minute replacement for disrupted educational time, but rather aims to make time-limited adjustments to the student’s learning plan to address lack of expected progress, mastery of essential skills, and prevention of further regression.  Education recovery is distinct and separate from compensatory education, which is an equitable remedy to address situations where a school district has failed to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). 

    Not all students with specialized needs will need educational recovery.  In fact, many students have made meaningful progress and growth during this time period while being educated through in-person or remote learning modes of instruction.  The district has committed to engage in a data-driven, individualized, and collaborative process when determining if a student needs education recovery in addition to general education programming. 

    Educational recovery can be provided at any time (e.g., during the school day, before/after school, during breaks, etc.).  District staff and parents/guardians will work together to maintain a balance of a student’s placement in general education environments and opportunities to participate in extracurricular/nonacademic activities with the need for educational recovery.  Despite the benefit of educational recovery, it should not be rushed or delivered at the expense of a student’s social/emotional well-being.  

    Extended School Year (ESY) means special education and related services that are provided to a student with a disability beyond the school district’s normal school year in accordance with the student’s IEP and at no cost to the parent.  An individualized determination regarding a student's eligibility for ESY services must be made annually.  The Connecticut standard for determining if a student qualifies to receive ESY services includes both regression/recoupment criteria and non-regression criteria. The need for ESY and the need for educational recovery are separate determinations.    

    Opportunities for Public Comment, Feedback and Suggestions

    This plan will be updated every six months (and earlier, if needed) based on the most updated data and guidance available to Westbrook Public Schools from Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Connecticut State Department of Public Health as it relates to Covid-19.  This plan will be posted on the district website and emailed to the school community via SchoolMessenger. This plan will also be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Anticipated Future Public Input Opportunities:

    School Year 2021-2022

    December 2021 BOE Regular Meeting 

    Revised Plan posted by January 2022 

    June 2022 BOE Regular Meeting

    Revised Plan posted by July 2022

    School Year 2022-2023

    December 2022 BOE Regular Meeting

    Revised Plan posted by January 2023

    June 2023 BOE Regular Meeting

    Revised Plan posted by July 2023

    DRAFT Westbrook 2021-2022 Safe Return to In Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan.pdf 

    Superintendent's Office
  • Website Update

    We are pleased to announce that we have updated the look of our District Website available at  While the design may be different, the content remains the same.  To view the content, simply scroll down the page or use the menu structure which was not modified.

  • Westbrook High School Summer Reading

    2021 Summer Reading Information

    Westbrook High School
  • New Software Approval

    Rosen Digital has been approved for use in the classroom.  For the most up to date list of available software, visit in a new browser tab.

  • Westbrook High School Memorial Day Tribute

    In Honor of those who have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice a Memorial Day Tribute video, presented by the WHS Music, will be available for viewing starting 6:00am, Monday, May 31 on the Westbrook town website,
    On behalf of WHS Music, we hope you have had a blessed weekend.
    Westbrook High School
  • The Knightly News

    Be sure to check out the Spring edition of "The Knightly News," the Westbrook High School student newspaper.

    Westbrook High School
  • FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit

    The Federal Communications Commission has launched a temporary program to help families and households struggling to afford Internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Emergency Broadband Benefit provides a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers.

    Eligible households can enroll through a participating broadband provider or directly with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) using an online or mail in application.

    You can learn more about the benefit, including eligibility and enrollment information, by visiting, or by calling 833-511-0311  

  • New Software Approval

    Microbit has been approved for use in the classroom.  For the most up to date list of available software, visit

  • Remote Learning Day on Monday, April 5th

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff, and Community Members,

    More than 65 staff members, including our bus drivers and substitute teachers are scheduled to receive their 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine this Saturday.  After discussions with our local health director and the well publicized experiences of many school districts in the state, we are concerned about staffing capacity on Monday, April 5th.

    A last minute call on Monday would be a significant disruption and hardship for many of our families.

    While we hope that our staff do not feel unwell after the 2nd dose, the reality is that many of them will not feel well this weekend and on Monday. 

    In anticipation of staffing capacity issues for our schools and buses, all schools will operate in Remote Learning mode on Monday, April 5th. Teachers have been asked to prepare asynchronous lessons (a combination of direct instruction and independent work) and lesson plans for Monday in the event they are unable to teach remotely.  

    As always, thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and continued support.

    We all look forward to the time when we no longer need to message out anything related to Covid-19.

    Kristina J. Martineau, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Westbrook Public Schools

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Westbrook High School Theatre Production

    Westbrook High School Theatre's production of A Chorus Line will be available virtually from Friday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. through Sunday, March 28 at 9:00 p.m. Gain access by buying a ticket HERE: 

    Tickets are $10 each. Thank you for your patronage and enjoy the show!

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Resolved - PowerSchool intermittently unavailable

    Update: 6:57pm 2/26/2021 - PowerSchool is now fully functional.

    We are aware of an issue with PowerSchool that is affecting all staff, students, and parents/guardians.  We will provide updates as they become available.

  • Westbrook Board of Education Goals for 2021-2022

    The 2021-2022 Board of Education goals are now available.  Please visit to review.

    Westbrook Board of Education
  • "Red, White & Blue Spirit Day" at Daisy on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021

    We asked our students for ideas for future spirit days.  One of the most popular suggestions from our students was "Red, White and Blue" Spirit Day, which will take place on Friday, Jan. 22.  

    Students and adults, please join us in wearing some Red, White & Blue on Jan. 22, if you would like!

    Daisy Ingraham Elementary School
  • PowerSchool Version Update

    PowerSchool will be unavailable while we perform a version update starting on 12/30 at 9:00am.

    At 2:30pm on 12/30, updates were completed.

  • Winter Edition of the Knightly News

    Check out the latest version of the Knightly News!

    Westbrook High School
  • Remote Learning Survey

    Monday, December 14, 2020


    Dear Westbrook Students, Parents, and Guardians,


    After an extended period of time in remote learning mode this fall, I am writing to you now to ask for your feedback to help us to plan in the event we return to remote, e-learning this school year.  Please consider taking a few minutes to share with us your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions to help us to provide the best experience possible in remote learning.


    Also, some of our students continue to participate remotely while schools are in-person.  The perspective of our students and families who remain in remote learning mode is also very important to us.


    Thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey and your input to help us in future planning.  Please complete one survey per child.  The survey will close on Monday, December 21, 2020.


    Daisy Ingraham Elementary School

    Westbrook Middle School

    Westbrook High School


    Kristina J. Martineau, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of School

    Westbrook Public Schools
  • Westbrook High School Theatre

    Westbrook High School Theatre will be presenting War of the Worlds: A Totally Teen Online Theatrical Event" and "A Virtual Whodunnit" beginning December 11th.  Visit for the link to watch at 6:00pm on Friday, December 11!

    Westbrook High School
  • The Knightly News

    Read the Fall edition of the "Knightly News", the Westbrook High School student newspaper.

    Westbrook High School
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