Westbrook Board of Education Guiding Beliefs

Students in the Westbrook Public Schools will...

  • feel safe and respected and respect others,
  • accept challenge,
  • actively engage in learning,
  • demonstrate what they know and can do,
  • evaluate themselves, and
  • understand that effort is critical to success.

Teachers in the Westbrook Public Schools ...

  • use best practices to focus on students' learning,
  • work cooperatively,
  • meet the needs of all students by differentiating instruction,
  • share strategies and knowledge as part of professional learning communities, and
  • strive for continued learning to best serve our students.

The Westbrook School Community will ...

  • celebrate the successes of students and teachers,
  • provide the time and resources necessary to meet the needs of the students and staff,
  • foster an environment of continuous improvement and professional development at all levels of the district,
  • value the goals of each individual,
  • use positive strategies to support student success, and
  • emphasize the importance of education for our community.