PowerSchool Parent/Student Sign-In

On February 18, 2016, PowerSchool was updated to a new version which allowed parents to access information about each of their children under one account.   Registrations for athletics and intramurals for students in grades 5-12 are also processed through this account.  Please follow the simple set-up instructions below to create your new PowerSchool account.  To complete this process, you will need your current PowerSchool account information to associate your children with your new account.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the main office of your child's school.


1.  Access the public PowerSchool portal under "Parent Resources" tab on the school website, or at http://powerschool.westbrookctschools.org


2. Click on "Create Account"


3.  Enter your desired username and password.



4.  Scroll down the page and populate the "Link to Students Accounts" portion.  In this section, you will need your Access ID and Access Password for each student.   Be sure to click on a "Relationship" option.  Skipping this step will give you an error message at the end of the process.  



5.  Once all Access IDs and Passwords have been entered, click the "enter" button at the bottom of the page.