Westbrook School District Software Purchasing Procedure

All software and hardware purchases will align themselves with the instructional goals and objectives of the Westbrook School District. Prior to purchase, software will be previewed by the classroom teacher(s) and evaluated for educational applicability, appropriateness, and legal compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, software must be deemed compatible with the individual workstation as well as the entire WSD computer network. In order to assure this, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Teacher identifies a particular piece of software that may be suitable for purchase OR teacher identifies instructional need and, working with the Technology Coordinator, locates software that may be appropriate.
  2. This information is communicated to the Technology Coordinator. The coordinator will then coordinate the ordering of the software for preview. If possible, the source of the software should also be given to the coordinator when making the request.
  3. Software is ordered for preview.
  4. Software is loaded on appropriate machines.
  5. Completed evaluations are then returned to the Technology Coordinator. These evaluations should include the purchasing recommendations as well as the location of the computers on which the program is to be installed. Note: Even if software is deemed inappropriate for purchase, record of the evaluation will be kept on file.
  6. Pending available funds, software being recommended for purchase will be ordered.


Follow Up - Approximately one year after the date of purchase and install, teachers will be asked to formally reflect upon the use of a given software or technology. The purpose of this reflection is twofold. First, it attempts to correlate the use of a given technology with some degree of student achievement. Second, in sharing proven practices, it is the hope of the WSD Technology Services Department to begin to identify and record exemplary classroom uses of technology. These practices will then be shared with other teachers via the District web site. Where appropriate, student work should be submitted for inclusion in this collection.