Business Education 

Disclaimer: The Business curriculum is currently being revised. On June 25th, 2023, the Introduction to Business and Communication Technology curriculum was completed and serves as a model for future projects. In conjunction with funding from the Carl D. Perkins Grant, new opportunities to improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) enables more flexibility to meet the unique needs of our learners, educators, and industry partners.



High School


Accounting 1

Accounting 2


Business Administration, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship:

Introduction to Business and Communication Technology 

Advanced Business and Communication Technologies



Personal Finance

Advanced Personal Finance and Investments




Through Westbrook High School's Program of Study and Career Pathways, and listed on page 106 under the "Visual Media, Communication, and Technology" section,  the Business Department also offers the following courses:

- Introduction to Developing Mobile Apps
- Developing Mobile Apps
- Graphic Communications
- Internet & Web Design