Meeting Streaming Information

For remote meetings, users should check this page to access a link to stream shortly before the meeting begins.  A URL to access a video and audio feed and a phone number/pin combo will be available if you desire to listen.

Prior to the meeting, please be sure to double-check that your device is capable of being on the call.  System requirements can be found on our Google Hangouts Meet system requirements page.


Westbrook Board of Education

The Westbrook Public Schools recognize that every child is important and an integral part of our community.  Our commitment is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment to  educate, challenge, and inspire all students to achieve their potential and follow their artistic and intellectual curiosity.

The mission of the schools is best fulfilled when students, staff members, parents, and community residents participate in the decision-making process in matters that affect them. Constructive dissent enhances good decisions. Educational excellence, the ultimate mission of the school district, is the product of open communication within the school district and between the school district and the community it serves.