The Westbrook Public Schools leverage the power of technology to educate, challenge, and inspire students in an evolving 21 st-century learning environment. A rigorous curriculum will involve students and teachers in using technology to facilitate critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Technology will assist in creating a learner-centered environment in which the teacher serves as a facilitator, mentor, and coach. It will provide the means to give students feedback while learning, to access students’ learning history, and to aid in managing learning progress and activities. Teachers and students will have digital access to the materials, resources, data, and technical support they need any time and any place. The district will support on-going, comprehensive professional learning to ensure all teachers acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate current and emerging digital tools into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses students’ specific needs, developmental levels, and learning styles.  

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Benjamin Russell

Information Technology Coordinator

Westbrook Public Schools

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