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Westbrook's Curriculum Vision Statement:

Collaboratively as a dynamic team in Westbrook, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members treat curriculum as a living and fluid experience that serves as an instructional guide to best align our programs with district, state, and industry standards. Together, our curriculum, instruction, and assessment are designed to prepare all students for career and life success. 

Organized below is our PK - 12 curriculum for parents and community members to review in order to better understand the goals and objectives of all instructional practices of Westbrook Public Schools.


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This website is in accordance with Connecticut's General Statute, Section 10 - 16b, Article D, and the information provided on this website is intended for Westbrook's instructional use. For all external viewers, the information provided is for educational purposes only.

The curriculum department recognizes the Westbrook Board of Education's financial and professional support in the development of such content. Accordingly, before considering the use or implementation of any item, we encourage you to first consult with Westbrook's PK - 12 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator. Thank you!





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Mr. Angelo Saba III

PK-12 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator 


(860) 399 - 6432, Extension 3219

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